“Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world: the cat and the clock” (Emile Auguste Cartier). Some consider wrist watches merely as devices measuring time in hours, seconds and minutes, with a practical and functional purpose in everyday life; some see them as a symbol of power, others as a life-long passion: the latter is my case. I still love that sense of fulfillment when I stumble into a vintage watch at an international auction, when I can trace back its history, or when I can bring it back to full power, restoring its original outlook and functionality. Every love story has its triggering event; mine can be traced back to a very common moment in my childhood, that is when I was given a digital watch as a gift for my First Communion.

It is the traditional kind of gift kids receive for their First Communion, but for me it was a true big bang, triggering a strong passion that has developed over the years, focusing, in particular, on vintage wrist watches. During my university years, the need to pay for my education spurred my passion and helped me put into practice the knowledge I had gained. It soon became a source of income: when I travelled around the world I used to buy vintage watches I later sold to my friends first, and then, on a larger scale, to those looking for a special gift for special occasions.

“Two hearts who love each other, are like two magnetic watches”: I bought my first “high-level” clock when I was twenty and it cost me 5,500,000 liras. It was a nautilus Patek Philippe, named after the inventor of the first wrist watch for men: until then wrist watches were considered female time pieces, as opposed to pocket watches, traditionally used by men. It was my first important purchase, which I celebrated by customising it, engraving my signature, name and surname in the watch face. Over the years I kept feeding my passion and my personal collection was further enlarged. It featured a considerable number of items, with antique watches from all over the world. I participated in many industry events, trade shows and auctions, focusing especially on professional diver watches. 26 years after I bought my first time piece, I decided to start my watch company: ubervintage watches, later acquiring thevintageur.com domain. My adventure has continued with the collaboration with Eugenio Deutsch, a technician in high-level watch repair.